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Tuition by Degree

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Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Individual courses
Cost Each Course is 4.5 Quarter Units Program Length Estimated Cost of Books Estimated Cost Including Books

Lower Division*

$168/quarter unit

varies $136/course $892/course

Upper Division

$278/quarter unit

20 courses $93/course $26,880/program

*This breakdown is based on the assumption that you’ll transfer with 22.5 quarter units of credit. Your total estimated program costs may be lower, depending on the number of transfer credit units accepted.

Estimated Bachelor’s degree program tuition with transfer of 22.5 lower division units: $40,326.00

  • Lower Division Tuition 67.5 quarter units ($168.00 per quarter unit) $11,340.00 Estimated books and equipment $136.00 (average per course) $2,040.00
  • Upper Division Tuition 90 quarter units ($278.00 per quarter unit) $25,020.00 Estimated books and equipment $136.00 (average per course) $1,926.00

Total estimated costs for Bachelor’s Degree Program $40,326.00, as postage, delivery and other miscellaneous equipment charges may be incurred by the student.

How much will I really pay?

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