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Senior Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

This senior level certificate is designed for the intelligence analyst professional who wants to learn to identify known terrorist organizations, their perceived structure, goals, and degree of operational capacity. It will familiarize students with critical issues being debated about the WMD terrorist threat and place that threat into broader political and strategic context. The courses will also discuss various measures for coping with (preventing or responding to) terrorist attacks using WMD. And finally, students will be able to explain and discuss the history, philosophy, political and theological tenets across the modern Islamist movement, with special focus on those segments that have embraced violence.

Program learning outcomes:

Classify various psychological traits and ideologies into current accepted terrorist classifications illustrating their comprehension of this subject.

Synthesize a plan of action either locally, statewide, or nationally to increase security against a known or perceived terrorist threat.

Discuss and analyze key concepts and issues integral to the WMD terrorist threat including terrorist capabilities and motivations.

Assess and discuss new ways to think about and analyze WMD terrorism.

Evaluate religion’s role in domestic terror.

Assess emerging ecoterrorist groups that prior to 9/11 were considered the most significant terrorism threats the country faced.

Identify key philosophical approaches to Islamic modernism and Islamic fundamentalism.

Explain the reasoning behind fundamentalist’s rejection of Western frameworks to philosophy and governance.

Identify how radical Islamist movements justify killing civilians, including other Muslims.

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