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Mid-Level Certificate in Intelligence Analysis

This Mid-Level Certificate is designed  for the professional who already has some experience in the intelligence analysis field or the student who has taken the entry level certificate to further learn about the Intelligence Cycle, how intelligence is prepared, and how it is used to inform decision and policy makers. This program will cover matters of intelligence ethics, privacy issues, and changes in the intelligence community in the post-9/11 environment. In this program the student will take the role of terrorist and pick a target for a future terrorist attack and then collect intelligence about that target. And finally, this course will distinguish counter-terrorism (CT) from anti-terrorism (AT)/Force Protection (FP) intelligence, strategic CT intelligence from tactical CT intelligence, and introduce analytical constructs for the field operator and reporter.

Program learning outcomes:

Compare and Contrast Intelligence disciplines and illustrate the tradecraft used for each within intelligence operations.

Describe and contrast analytical products and their value to policy makers in public and private sectors.

Recognize basic methodologies utilized in intelligence analysis, and cite examples of when each model, linking analysis or presentation style would be most appropriate in product development.

Explain the basic psychology of Intelligence Analysts, and potential cognitive biases.

Use elicitation techniques to gather information.

Describe and use All-Source Intelligence analysis.

Apply the analytical tools used most often in counterterrorism analysis.

Build and manipulate a matrix to show connections and perform link analysis.

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