Doctorate in Strategic Security

The doctorate in strategic security is a global security program for governmental, law enforcement, military and corporate leaders, and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) who are responsible for personnel, resources, and operations in the inter-disciplinary strategic security profession. Graduates will be able to organize effectively a wide range of strategic security resources and personnel, across multiple agencies and industries, to produce timely, objective, and accurate intelligence and other security-related products. Emphasis is placed throughout the program on the ability to effectively communicate and influence top-level decision makers from an interdisciplinary perspective. Graduates with a doctorate in strategic security will develop the competencies to become adept at managing assets and adjusting strategies in dynamic security environments gained through advanced coursework in this global security program.

Graduates of the Doctorate in Strategic Security program will be able to:

Produce quantitative and qualitative research at the theoretical, strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

Develop a conceptual framework that incorporates the key variables of the security environment in order to prevent and forestall emerging threats.

Assess information, approaches, criticality, viability, systems, resources, and cultures necessary for engaging issues in strategic security.

Appraise the character, communications, organizations, influences, and technologies associated with strategic management leadership relevant to promoting effective security outcomes.

Effectively communicate key concepts and ideas in verbal, non-verbal, and written forms to influence diverse audiences and decision-makers in strategic security.

Henley-Putnam encouraged me to reach more academic goals than I ever thought possible.

Joseph S.

Joseph S.

Doctorate in Strategic Security

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