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Certificate in Intelligence Collection

This certificate is designed to give the professional in the intelligence collection field or the student who is considering getting into the field, a more comprehensive knowledge of the overt and covert intelligence requirements and reporting, intelligence-specific vocabulary, and the breadth and complexity of the U.S. Intelligence Community today. This certificate provides the student with an overview of surveillance, including the background and history of contemporary surveillance devices, proper procedures for using surveillance devices for intelligence gathering, and basic use of surveillance. Students will learn to apply principles of sound research and evaluation to a wide spectrum of source materials, to identify and describe their strengths and weaknesses, and to interpret the material obtained from them properly, while keeping potentially large amounts of information organized and accessible. And finally, students will learn to explain the differences between interrogation and elicitation and to conduct effective debriefing, cross examination, and related questioning skills.

Certificate learning outcomes:

Develop an understanding of the role of intelligence analysis, intelligence products, and customers.

Differentiate positive intelligence collection from counterintelligence and the security of information.

Examine the effects of surveillance and its importance to the intelligence community.

Describe basic uses of surveillance.

Describe and implement surveillance techniques.

Demonstrate Open Source Intelligence methods via field exercises.

Discuss the difference between interview and interrogation and a general overview of the process.

Discuss the principles of the interpretation of verbal and nonverbal behavior.

Discuss the significance of choosing the right approach, as well as preparation and strategy.

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