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Certificate in Cybersecurity

This certificate is designed for the student who wants to be able to describe and understand cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, and cybercrime. In these courses, the student will identify the behaviors and motivations of cyber criminals while developing an understanding of how to protect computer systems from the criminals. Students will learn the fundamentals of cyber law and the issues around those laws. And finally, this certificate will teach students how the Internet is used as both a weapon and a resource.

Certificate learning outcomes:

Demonstrate the ability to employ various information sources and technology to research how the Internet can be used as a weapon.

Identify and discuss theories and threats that computers and the Internet provide to terrorists and criminals.

Discuss the PDD-63 and describe the government’s role in combating cyberterrorism.

Discuss concepts, principles and standards for designing and implementing secure operating systems and networked systems.

Discuss legal and ethical issues in computer security.

Explain applications and systems security, including topics such as malicious code, buffer overflows, encryption at application level etc.

Define Cybercrime.

Identify social and economic impacts of cybercrime.

Identify different behaviors for computer abusers, attackers, and criminals.

Discuss core components of cyber laws and their issues.

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