Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Management

The intelligence training program introduces the student to the concepts of intelligence gathering, analysis, and reporting. While earning an intelligence degree, the student will understand how intelligence manifests itself in many ways, requiring an astute and open mind to determine how to analyze and understand what and where intelligence can be found as well as how it can be used. This intelligence management degree program also provides a basis for the student’s study at more advanced levels.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in diverse groups and to identify and apply professional ethics to the intelligence field

Identify, describe and critically evaluate information sources and applicable intelligence technologies

Develop general professional written and oral reports and presentations that are relevant to security industry decision-makers

Appraise contemporary and emergent threats, challenges and issues within a sphere of the security industry such as business, law enforcement, homeland security, national security or regional studies

Analyze intelligence issues or challenges

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Management, students must satisfy core requirements in critical thinking and logic, analysis and other critical aspects of intelligence management. You can customize your area of focus within the field of intelligence management by selecting any three areas of specialization.

Areas of Emphasis

(select 3 areas)

Extremist & Terrorist Groups

Terrorism and Society

Counterterrorism Strategies

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Chris G.

Chris G.

Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Management

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