FRP 697 Writing for Publication

This course is designed to guide the graduate student through the process of writing a graduate project paper suitable for publication. The course assumes that the student has already selected and narrowed the topic, and created an Applied Capstone Project (ACP) or Thesis Proposal in the prerequisite course RES 695. Emphasis will be placed on sound academic writing habits, the avoidance of logical errors and inflated imprecise prose, proper attribution and correct use of information sources, and solid editing practices. In this course the student will submit the paper for review by at least two other outside experts. He or she will further learn the process of submitting papers for publication, defending the conclusions, and the preparation of a camera-ready copy which will constitute the final form of the graduate project paper.

RES 695 Research

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Evaluate, analyze, interpret, and cite various information sources and their relevance to strategic security and translate that information into an advanced academic document;
perform sophisticated analyses and evaluations of information sources using demonstrated technical expertise and application of conceptual skills. 

Synthesize and apply issues of academic policy and ethics to emerging and contemporary threats in order to produce an analytical, advanced academic project. 

Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding in program area of emphasis.

Demonstrate leadership competencies specific to the program of study by managing the research process to effectively complete projects in a timely manner. 

Operate and communicate effectively with the stakeholders in the processes of research,analysis, and evaluation; demonstrate competency in scholarly communication. 

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