PRO 430 Travel & Hospitals

Individual course cost: $1,251

An important component in advance work for any protective operation is the consideration of travel plans – where the principle is going. This class primarily deals with the actual travel of principals, in essence, getting them from one point to another in the safest manner possible. Another vital factor that must be taken into consideration in advancing any travel plans is the advance of the hospitals along the travel routes in preparation of having the need for these facilities. This course will cover the basics of a proper advance for travel plans and emergency medical preparations.

Prerequisite (or equivalent):

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Access and use U.S. State Department information regarding road safety, emergencies, and other potential dangers and services for Americans traveling abroad.

Analyze previous research conducted regarding a medical facility protection assignment to better perform their duties.

Demonstrate understanding and application of the integration of security, safety, surveillance, intelligence and management (S3IM) in building security.

Select medical facilities meeting the requirements of protecting their client in terms of medical care, comfort, safety, and privacy.

Write travel plans that include emergency medical preparations and complete a “transient” hospital survey.

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