PRO 540 Topics in Advance Work

Individual course cost: $1,647

This course provides an examination of the security work necessary to prepare for a principle’s arrival at a particular location or prior to the occurrence of a scheduled event. Students taking this course will learn to apply techniques of intelligence gathering, use of an assortment of checklists, how to set up security posts and surveillance posts, and plan and carry out an advance as the leader of an advance team for a client  with particularly high security risk or other factors beyond those encountered in a typical advance.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Define the purpose for conducting a security advance and evaluate and explain personal knowledge of protective security operations.

Identify the means to determine potential threats, formulate a risk analysis, and conduct a comprehensive threat assessment.

Compare, contrast, and evaluate alternative modes of transportation available for the protectee, conduct route planning, and formulate off-site residence security.

Analyze meeting venues, select appropriate security measures to address potential threats, and evaluate the need for countersurveillance.

Incorporate all necessary and appropriate information into a comprehensive protective security advance report.

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