RES 695 Research

This course is designed to be taken after completing all master’s program coursework except the culminating project of RES 695 and FRP 697. This is a research and writing course in which students will reflect on the program learning outcomes and select their best work of their program of study. Students should expect to devote significant time to improving upon their research and writing of five artifacts that will be published in FRP 697. Students will begin the process of gathering data for their final portfolio. Through methodical investigation into, reflective contemplation, and review of sources and materials, student will establish they have demonstrated a mastery of their program and reach new conclusions about their knowledge of strategic studies.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Evaluate, analyze, interpret, and cite various information sources and their relevance to strategic security as they relate to the Applied Capstone Project

Employment of conceptual skills to identify potential risks and assess options for preventive, alternative or deterrent actions.

Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding in program area of emphasis.

Demonstrate leadership competencies effective in promoting a global understanding of the specifics to the program of study.

Operate and communicate effectively with the stakeholders in the processes of research, analysis, and evaluation; demonstrate competency in scholarly communication.

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