TCT 410 Lone Wolf Terrorism

Individual course cost: $1,251

This course provides an overview of one of the principal categories of terrorism from the Cold War through the current era. Despite its prevalence and importance, right-wing terrorism has all too often been ignored. Students in this course will be able to list the different types and various subcategories of right-wing terrorists and their supporting organizations, including neo-fascists and neo-Nazis in Europe, paramilitary Patriot militias in the US, state-sponsored vigilante groups (“death squads”) in Latin America and the Philippines, and assorted white supremacists. Students will be able to explain the differences in politics, ideology, religion, operational objectives and vulnerabilities of different terrorist and supporting organizations.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Research and explain the foundations of lone wolf terrorism and the distinctions between it and other forms of terrorism.

Identify how influencing and radicalization factors drive lone wolf terrorist to conducting attacks.

Relate historical cases and foundational principles to enable competency within the context of lone wolf terrorism.

Comprehend the ideologies and motivations of lone wolf terrorist through critical thinking analysis and historical referencing.

Communicate the main facets of lone wolf terrorism activities in effective, well-written documents.

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