PRO 679 Kidnapping Strategies

Individual course cost: $1,647

In today’s world, corporate executives and other VIP’s are at a greater risk of being kidnapped than ever before. Terrorists look for new funding sources for their activities. Criminals often think they can grab a “quick buck” with just a little work on their part. Kidnappings take place just as frequently in foreign countries as well as within the United States. Insurance plans have even been applied specifically to kidnapping to reduce corporations’ financial burden. This course will address these issues, as well as look at the cultures of societies and the differing perspectives of criminals and their victims. This course will also describe some basic strategies to mitigate and even prevent the kidnapping cycle.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Analyze developing trends in kidnapping and ransom activities among terrorist and criminal groups.

Analyze the impact kidnapping has on the security industry.

Identify the stages of the kidnapping cycle.

Identify and differentiate between various forms of kidnapping and understand the significance of each.

 Analyze how the Department of State can aid in overseas travel and provides assistance in kidnappings. 

Assess the role of Government and Nongovernmental agencies when preparing and responding to a kidnapping. 

Identify key principles and practices for security planning, threat assessment, situational awareness; and kidnap avoidance. 

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