PORT 201 Intermediate Portuguese, Part 1

PORT 201 is intended for students who have completed Portuguese 102 or who test at the 1/1+ level of Portuguese. This course aims to expand the oral and written communication skills acquired in earlier classes and to broaden students’ understanding of the culture and study of Portuguese-speaking regions. Students will have access to language resources (including vocabulary and scenarios) relevant to strategic security professions, providing them with extra vocabulary and practice in using the language in current or future career fields. This course teaches Portuguese (Brazilian).

Prerequisite (or successful completion of language test):

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Apply information literacy skills by using technology to locate and use information about current events, cultural issues, and history of the country in which the language is spoken.

Demonstrate ability to think critically and problem-solve in comprehending simple written correspondence in familiar contexts, main ideas of prose on familiar topics, standard dialect (with repetition and rephrasing), speech about everyday topics, and spoken descriptions of familiar locations.

Apply knowledge of the language in comprehending and responding to information about common personal and family news, well-known current events, routine work situations, familiar events (pertaining to interests and work), and feelings, wishes, and future plans.

Demonstrate evaluative awareness of the cultures and societies associated with the regions in which the language is spoken.

Communicate with some organization on familiar topics by describing present job and activities, detailed information about family, house and community, basic autobiographical information (including immediate plans and hopes), and familiar people and places.

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