MGT 551 Intelligence Team Management

Individual course cost: $1,647

This course presents human resource management issues that can be encountered in an operational intelligence team. Students will learn how to maintain group productivity and cohesion by examining many different approaches, situations, and examples.  Students will also demonstrate knowledge of management principles that are particularly appropriate for intelligence organizations and workforces. 

This course is offered in the following Certificates:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

On a micro level, discuss confidently the challenges facing team supervisors within the intelligence community and corporate intelligence units today.

Compare the role of intelligence analyst with intelligence operations officer, and subsequently contrast the management issues which might be more specific to one or the other in a “team” environment. 

Compare or contrast the role of intel’ manager in the public and private sectors. 

Select two business intelligence best-practices case studies and evaluate whether these same practices or principles could be applied in the public or national security sector.

Demonstrate an understanding of the challenges which multi-generational analysts who support counter terrorism collection and law enforcement units might pose for their management, by writing a final research paper.

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