SEC 452 Infiltration Techniques

Individual course cost: $1,251

This course teaches the techniques used to infiltrate targeted organizations, covering such topics as agent preparation, working undercover, insertion methods, the handling of communications, the development of contingency plans, and exfiltration or extraction techniques. Students will learn to effectively recruit and utilize informants; identify safety considerations and unique problems associated with undercover work; determine psychological challenges of undercover work and contact appropriate resources for counseling; identify difficult undercover scenarios and demonstrate methods to get out of them; list prosecutorial guidelines, regulations and entrapment issues; practice risk management principles; understand and practice key issues in the supervision of undercover personnel; demonstrate techniques for infiltration of certain kinds of criminals; identify and demonstrate briefing and debriefing techniques; and explain unique issues associated with women in undercover work.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Research and evaluate diverse sources of information related to this subject

Assess the extent of corporate espionage and organized crime throughout the globe

Describe methodologies used by law enforcement in select investigations and stings

Identify and explain lessons learned from issues raised in case study analysis

Demonstrate and utilize basic research, analytic and writing skills

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