INT 570 All Source Intelligence

Individual course cost: $1,647

To provide the current and thorough Intelligence Analysis required today by Senior Policy  Makers, Military Leadership, and Corporate America, All-Source Analysts utilize HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT, ELINT, TELINT, COMINT,MASINT, OSINT, and even RUMINT. Professional analysts also use a variety of linking, modeling and data manipulation or artificial intelligence software packages. In this course, we will look at several means of collecting and analyzing multi-discipline information, but remain focused on the need and ability to SYNTHESIZE all of this data, however into objective and cohesive All Source products.

This course is offered in the following Certificates:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Evaluate and manage various information sources and translate that information into actionable outcomes.

Evaluate contemporary and emergent threats, challenges, and issues to all source intelligence analysis with technical expertise and creative application of conceptual skills.

Evaluate various predictive analysis techniques using advanced qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods analysis skills.

Demonstrate strategic leadership competencies and the ability to explain the advantages of using all source analysis and the pivotal role of a productive analyst-customer relationship

Assess and explain the legal and cultural challenges to information sharing between intelligence agencies by identifying legal constraints and historical miscues.

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