PRO 500 Advanced Executive Protection

Individual course cost: $1,647

The modern personal security specialist has evolved far beyond the dull, stereotypical “bodyguard” or “muscle men” whose primary approach is intimidation. Today’s executive protection specialist is highly trained and sophisticated and protects clients by preventing trouble rather than relying on ad hoc responses during a crisis. Students who complete this course will learn more advanced methods and techniques for ensuring the safety of a client in more unstable and rapidly evolving situations. They will also learn to plan, conduct, and maintain protection operations as a team leader or manager.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Research and evaluate the importance of the  “mechanics” and subtleties of executive

Explain the complexities of rings of security within executive protection and how to appropriately integrate them effectively.

Describe use of force and the importance of understanding the continuum for effective
executive protection.

Analyze successful attacks on principal incidents, identify vulnerabilities, and propose solutions that leadership might adopt to counter or avoid similar
threat situations.

Demonstrate critical thinking skills in effectively written documents appropriate for the subject

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