TCT 700 Advanced Counterterrorism Research Methods

This course provides  a  survey  of  the literature on  terrorism and counterterrorism and develops the students’ ability to judge the value of written materials from books, journal articles, and official documents. It develops analytical and evaluation skills at different levels of abstraction as well as challenging the student to develop an expansive annotated bibliography on the topic.

This course is offered in the following degree programs:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Research and differentiate between the three major categories of research design and select the appropriate design for analysis and discussion.

Appraise a wide range of works on terrorism and counterterrorism to determine which are intellectually or operationally useful and which are of little or no value.

Recognize and categorize different sources on terrorism or counterterrorism into similar groups (e.g., descriptive history, legal aspects, as military tactic, management of counterterrorism operations, etc.)

Engage in a dialogue inclusive of leadership competencies and civic responsibilities within the student’s fields of interest and/or expertise.

Analyze the value of the works and methods of all forms of writing on terrorism and counterterrorism and reflect that analysis in well-written documents.

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