Faculty Career Opportunities

Henley-Putnam University employs experienced faculty to provide quality online education and service. Professional academic opportunities at Henley-Putnam range from online instruction of lower division general education to highly specialized doctoral courses, as well as service on dissertation committees.

Note: If you have an area of expertise in another area of strategic security, send your resume. We’ll keep your information on file and contact you when a position becomes available.

How To Apply

Send a cover letter detailing your teaching qualifications and professional experience. Include a current CV and copies of your graduate transcripts. Send your application to:

Available Positions


Adjunct faculty develop and deliver curricula to students in a virtual classroom. To maintain the quality and currency of Henley-Putnam’s rigorous academic programs, we require all remote faculty to manage online classroom activities, guide students in accessing necessary resources, grade coursework, and provide students with constructive and timely feedback.

Requirements & Qualifications

Successful candidates must have a master’s degree in the specific area of expertise or 18 hours graduate work in the area of specialization accompanied by a related master’s or terminal degree. Teaching at Henley-Putnam University also requires extensive industry and teaching experience. Candidates should exhibit exceptional organizational and communication skills, as well as ability to deliver online instruction to students with diverse learning styles.