Add Value to Your Anti-Terrorism Training with a Solid Education in Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection

Anti-terrorism training involves the broad study of international and local threats to national security posed by terrorism. Those charged with providing senior decision makers with the intelligence they need to implement appropriate security measures must understand how to offset and effectively manage all terrorism-related activities.

Add value to your anti-terrorism training with a solid education in Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection from Henley-Putnam University

While anti-terrorism training is primarily defensive in nature, Henley-Putnam’s Bachelor and Master of Science Degree Programs in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies include both offensive and defensive field operations. Furthermore, our program focuses on pro-active strategies like planning, prevention and resolution. As global terrorist activity continues to increase, advanced anti-terrorism education and training can be your ticket to some of the most challenging and meaningful national security job opportunities.

As terrorist tactics are purposefully evasive, early detection and resolution lies in the ability to successfully detect potential indicators. With many countries introducing anti-terrorism legislation (ex: USA's Patriot Act), the focus on specialty training has never been stronger. Beyond typical anti-terrorism training and certification, imagine receiving an education at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level that teaches you how to anticipate and mitigate terrorist attacks through an education focused in counterterrorism.

Henley-Putnam University understands your desire to become a successful anti-terrorism specialist. Offering accredited Bachelor's and Master's advanced degrees in the three key areas of Intelligence Management, Terrorism/Counterterrorism and Protection, as well as a Doctorate Degree program in Strategic Security, our programs are tailored to meet the security challenges of the future.

With classes that range from advanced terrorism studies and underground economies to religious extremism and terrorist techniques, our curriculum provides you with an effective education that you need to gain a comprehensive picture of the global security environment. Our faculty brings real world experience to each class, ensuring that you have every opportunity to learn theory in practice on your road to success.



  • Henley-Putnam University is the only accredited (DETC) university that specializes exclusively in intelligence, counterterrorism and protection.
  • We offer over 100 courses on topics such as covert actions, counterintelligence, terrorist techniques, terrorist group dynamics, and advanced counterterrorism operations.
  • All of our bachelor’s, master's, and doctorate degrees are offered 100% online. We offer personalized service that gives our students access to top faculty members and administrators
  • Henley-Putnam faculty members are leaders within their specialties who have served in senior roles working for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, DIA, FBI, US Secret Service, and Special Forces.
  • Each one of our students is paired with a faculty career mentor who will help them navigate the world of Intelligence and Strategic Security. In this industry, who you know is essential to your future success.
  • Students immediately become part of a valuable network of strategic security and intelligence professionals.

Henley-Putnam University can take you one step closer to pursuing a meaningful career as an anti-terrorism officer.

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