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Student Resources


“The networking and mentoring that Henley-Putnam provided was an excellent source of information for real-world issues.”

-CPT Joseph Turner, Intelligence Officer - US Army

Mentoring services are provided by Henley-Putnam University to allow bachelor’s and master’s students the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from veteran professionals in their fields. We realize that while students often have a basic idea of what they might want to do, many have problems implementing their strategic security or national security training into a career.

To help our students, we align them with seasoned professionals. Our mentors come from our intelligence, protection, and counterterrorism faculty, and from outside experts in our professional fields such as federal and local law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military establishment and the corporate security arena. These mentors can provide students with the "straight scoop" on what a particular job really entails, as well as provide students with some ideas they might consider to make themselves better prepared for the job, including additional global or national security training.

The use of a mentor is optional for all degree students. Students interested in working with a mentor from our outside experts or intelligence, protection, or counterterrorism faculty can complete a mentoring questionnaire and submit it with a request for a mentor. Mentoring questionnaires may be downloaded from the Student Resource Library in Moodle. Student Services reviews the results and begins a dialogue with the student. Based on the dialogue, Student Services selects a mentor for the student and begins the mentoring process as requested.

Henley-Putnam’s mentoring program offers some of the best individualized support for every student who comes through the program. Our faculty and staff are here to help you along your educational and career path.

Get started by filling out the Mentor Form now!