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Journal of Strategic Security

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About the Journal

The Journal of Strategic Security (JSS) is a peer-reviewed professional journal published quarterly by Henley-Putnam University.

JSS provides a multi-disciplinary forum for scholarship and discussion of strategic security issues drawing from the fields of intelligence, terrorism and counterterrorism studies and protection, among others.

The Journal encourages diversity in theoretical foundations, research methods, and approaches. Quantitative and qualitative studies, for example, each offer valuable contributions to the field of strategic security.

Academic disciplines of anthropology, criminology, economics, history, international relations, political science, psychology, and sociology are welcome, as are the applied scholarly fields of security studies, strategic studies, and intelligence studies.

JSS emphasizes contemporary security studies issues, so manuscripts focused on non-state actors are of particular interest. Topics such as counter-terrorism, jihadist ideology, genocide, global policing, insurgencies, intelligence, inter-state armed conflict, irregular warfare, radicalization, risk management, terrorism, threat assessment, and violent extremism are well suited to the Journal, as are contributions on security threats arising from transnational crime, global climate change, failing states, energy and environmental security issues, and health crises such as pandemics.

JSS publishes review articles, original empirical research, and analytic/conceptual works that contribute to a better understanding of security-related threats and ways to prevent or mitigate their impact. Each article should analyze and include implications for policy and practice.

Manuscript Preparation and Submission Requirements

We welcome submissions from students, professionals, and scholars in intelligence, military, law enforcement, government, academia, and the private sector. If you have a proposal for a paper or a completed manuscript, feel free to submit it for consideration according to the instructions provided in the Submission Guidelines for the Journal of Strategic Security:

Submit All Manuscripts Online

Please submit all documents in electronic format through our online manuscript submission process. No hard copy submissions will be accepted. Submitted manuscripts should be composed with Microsoft Word. Ensure your manuscript conforms to our Submission Guidelines.

Current Call for Papers

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Editorial Staff


Jeremy Tamsett, Henley-Putnam University

Senior Editor

Randy Borum, University of South Florida

Editorial Assistant

Katie Cook, Henley-Putnam University

Production Editor

Chelsea Johnston, University of South Florida


Beth Eisenfeld, Henley-Putnam University

Book Review Editor

Edward J. Hagerty, Henley-Putnam University

Communications Strategist

Roy Regalado, Henley-Putnam University

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Gary Ackerman, START Center, University of Maryland
  • Matt Armstrong, MountainRunner Institute
  • Edwin Bakker, Security and Conflict Programme, Clingendael Institute
  • Sharyl Cross, College of International and Security Studies/George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
  • Andrea Dew, Center for Irregular Warfare & Armed Groups, U.S. Naval War College
  • Robert Fein, The Metis Group
  • James Forest, Visiting Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Mark Galeotti, Center for Global Affairs, New York University
  • Donald Goldstein, Duke University
  • Colin Gray, University of Reading, England
  • Sheldon Greaves, Henley-Putnam University
  • Denise Greaves, Henley-Putnam University
  • Rita Grossman-Vermaas, Logos Technologies
  • Audrey Guinchard, University of Essex
  • John Horgan, International Center for the Study of Terrorism, Pennsylvania State University
  • Richard J. Hughbank, Northwestern State University
  • Robert Jervis, Columbia University
  • Richard J. Kilroy Jr., College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University
  • Steven Kleinman, Consultant
  • Margaret E. Kosal, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech
  • Claire Metelits, Social Science Research Center, USAFRICOM
  • Steve Metz, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
  • Michael Miklaucic, National Defense University / U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Charles A. Morgan, Yale University School of Medicine
  • John Nagl, Center for a New American Security
  • David C. Rapoport, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Sara Savage, University of Cambridge
  • Mario Scalora, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Louise Shelly, Terrorism, Transnational Crime & Corruption Center, George Mason University
  • Greg Smith, Command Senior Enlisted Leader, Special Operations Command Europe
  • John Sullivan, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
  • Jessica Turnley, Joint Special Operations University & Galisteo Consulting Group
  • Ed Urie, Henley-Putnam University
  • Anthony Vinci, Frontier Data

Contact the Editor: