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Intelligence Careers

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Jobs

The CIA’s mission is to provide national security intelligence, collected from around the world, to the President and senior US policymakers.

National Security Agency (NSA) Jobs

There are many types of National Security Agency (NSA) jobs available, ranging from computer intrusion defense, information assurance, intelligence analysis, and many other positions that support the NSA and its mission.

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Counterterrorism Careers

Counterterrorism Jobs at the State and Local Level

State an local law enforcement, emergency responders and other state officials work with federal counterterrorism officers from agencies like the FBI, DEA, and DHS to coordinate all-hazards mitigation, prevention, and response strategies.

Counterterrorism Jobs in the Department of Defense

The Defense Department employs hundreds of thousands of civilians that serve in a variety of capacities in the counterterrorism mission, for the service branch intelligence centers and intelligence combat support agencies like the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Counterterrorism Jobs in the Department of Homeland Security

The primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to prevent terrorist attacks in the US and to work with other federal, state, and local agencies to coordinate response efforts.

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Security, Protection, and Law Enforcement Careers

Corporate Security

Corporate security includes everything from trade secrets to financial information, employee access or the securing of locations and information technology (secure transmission of data).

Protection Jobs

Private protection jobs may include protecting the executives of a large corporation or the estate of wealthy, high-profile individuals.

Executive Protection Jobs

Top positions in security are highly competitive, and they require individuals to have a deep understanding of intelligence, counterterrorism, and protection.

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Strategic Security Employers

Public Sector Intelligence and Terrorism-Counterterrorism:

Federal Law Enforcement Employers: