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Student Resources

“Companies have a need for individuals with practical experience. I see huge opportunity in corporate security, and chose the Master’s program at Henley-Putnam because the faculty are seasoned practitioners, not only academics. I’m a doer and need the practical perspective on protection management.”

-Stephanie Kimbrell, Air Force reservist

Our organization is designed to give you maximum benefit starting with our admissions team making sure there is a good "fit", our committed staff, faculty and mentors with practical experience in teaching strategic and global security courses, our unique curriculum including online counter-terrorism courses, counter intelligence training, and online law enforcement training, as well as our flexible policies to assist you with succeeding at Henley-Putnam.

Once you join our team, you will have access to a substantial network of faculty, staff, mentors and program advisory board members that become an integrated network to assure we help you with your career goals and advancement. We are constantly adding to our organizational referral network to assist you with career advancement opportunities in many fields and organizations. We take pride in developing and mentoring all students, including those pursuing online law enforcement training or counter intelligence training to those interested in terrorism degrees, global security courses, or online counter-terrorism courses, and offer excellent individualized resources through our experts and our relationships who are devoted to our success and the success of our students.