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General Education

Lower Division General Education Program

Henley-Putnam's General Education Program has been established based on the fact that today, professional success depends upon individuals who are able to adapt, solve problems, analyze solutions, discern reliability, act and think ethically, look beneath superficial appearances, be creative in thought and action, communicate effectively, and function capably as part of a team.  Our General Education Program not only emphasizes, encourages, and develops these skills but it relates them to the students' investment in the University's areas of specialization in the field of strategic security both meaningfully and practically. 

Program Outcomes

The lower division General Education requirements were designed to assure Henley-Putnam students have the knowledge and skills necessary to not only succeed in our Bachelor’s degree programs, but also to be well rounded in their abilities. These courses should provide students with the ability to:

  • Employ applied technological skill and information literacy.
  • Demonstrate comprehension and practical application of subject matter by analyzing, thinking critically, quantitative reasoning and problem solving.
  • Comprehend and apply general education knowledge and skill sets into the subject matter areas.
  • Apply awareness of global cultures, civilizations, societies, and their political and belief systems to establish a foundation for effective management, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.