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Foreign Language Program

Language Programs at Henley-Putnam

Henley-Putnam University language programs use a blend of the best of three language teaching approaches - immersion, grammatical, and situational - so that students have a solid foundation in all aspects of the language through an instructor-led online classroom. Current languages include Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, French, and Portuguese.

Why Learn a Language at Henley-Putnam?

Knowing a foreign language can get you a job.
Do a quick search on and you will immediately see how many positions, especially in the intelligence field, are language designated. Mastering a language at Henley-Putnam dramatically opens the job field and lets you apply to positions for which you might not otherwise be qualified.

Knowing a foreign language allows you to shape your career.
Don't want to be assigned to a certain part of the world in your job? Master a language in the part of the world where you *do* want to serve. Showing language proficiency and interest in a region is a huge indicator of success, and employers know this.

Knowing a foreign language expands your horizons.
Language learning improves memory, listening, and critical thinking skills. Mastering a second language also brings with it a high level of personal satisfaction and achievement. Maybe you have friends or family that speak another language. Maybe you have always wanted to travel to a certain place and be able to converse with people there. Language proficiency brings with it a physical and personal level of satisfaction that is unique to other accomplishments.

We connect you NOW to the U.S. Government's way of teaching and scoring languages.
At Henley-Putnam, you'll be training in the system you will likely go on to use in a strategic security profession. Because our program is built around the same technology that the U.S. military uses to train troops in foreign languages, the program also connects directly with the U.S. Government's language scoring method.

We give you high-quality, for-credit courses at the right price.
Our language courses are priced the same as our BS courses, and taught and evaluated with the same level of rigor. The courses are accredited, and can be applied towards an undergraduate degree or a formal certificate in the language.