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Strategic Security

Doctorate in Strategic Security Meet our Faculty Tuition Military Benefits Program Advisory Board

Core Requirements

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SEC 700 Advanced Strategic Security Analysis and Critique

TCT 700 Advanced Counter Terrorism Research Methods

SEC 740 Strategic Security Information Literacy

SEC 760 Applied Research Methodology

HIST 750 Topics in the History of Strategic Security

COM 750 Briefings, De-briefings and Presentations

MGT 800 Advanced Leadership and Management

LAW 850 Case Studies in Intelligence Regulation and Reform

INT 700 The Strategic Intelligence Process and Policy

SEC 750 The Strategic Security Community

PRO 700 Protection and Operations Management

COM 780 Advanced Business Communications

TCT 800 Advanced Research in Terrorism/Counter terrorism

INT 800 Intelligence Practicum

PRO 800 Protection Practicum

FRP 800 Directed Dissertation Research (22.5 quarter units/50 weeks)

Students take this course while preparing and writing a doctoral dissertation. The student will assemble a committee, select a topic, prepare a research plan, draft and revise their dissertation, and prepare for the oral defense of the dissertation.


“The knowledge I have gained at Henley-Putnam has given me a definite edge among my peers. The lessons I learned have made me a better intelligence officer manager of intelligence soldiers.”

-CPT Joseph Turner, Intelligence Officer; US Army

Doctorate in Strategic Security

The doctorate in security is a global security program for governmental, law enforcement, military and corporate leaders, and Chief Security Officers (CSO's) who are responsible for personnel, resources, and operations in the inter-disciplinary strategic security profession. Graduates will be able to organize effectively a wide range of strategic security resources and personnel, across multiple agencies and industries, to produce timely, objective, and accurate intelligence and other security-related products. Emphasis is placed throughout the program on the ability to effectively communicate and influence top-level decision makers from an interdisciplinary perspective. Graduates with a doctorate in security will develop the competencies to become adept at managing assets and adjusting strategies in dynamic security environments gained through advanced coursework in this global security program.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Doctorate in Strategic Security program will be able to:

  • Formulate, conduct, and present quantitative and qualitative research at the tactical, operational, strategic, and theoretical levels.
  • Synthesize analytic, evaluative, and research inputs in the gathering of intelligence to prevent and forestall emerging threats.
  • Master the competencies necessary to be considered subject matter experts in the strategic security profession including professional security, counter-terrorism, intelligence management, and protection with a global perspective
  • Utilize effective communication strategies to demonstrate leadership competencies.
  • Strategically communicate key concepts and ideas to influence diverse audiences and decision-makers in strategic security.