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Executive Protection

Executive Protection Certificates

Entry Level Certificate in Executive Protection

This Entry Level Certificate in Executive Protection is designed to give the professional in the executive protection field or the student who is considering getting in the field, a firm understanding of:

  • Defensive tactics, agent-client relations, vehicle security, threat assessment, perimeter security, basic team management and communications, and advance work
  • Gathering intelligence, identifying potential hazards inherent in a given assignment, and writing a complete advance report
  • Compare and contrast the status of the protective services provided to dignitaries in Western countries
  • Advance work, which is required for preparation for, and avoidance of, conflict
  • The public and private morality of executives, the moral obligations of managers and employees, the ways in which managers influence the moral environment of institutions, and the temptations of position
  • Analyze ongoing debates pertaining to terror detainees, renditions, espionage, covert actions and loyalty

In addition, students taking these online counterterrorism courses will develop and apply writing skills essential to accurate and comprehensive generation of reports.

Mid Level Certificate in Executive Protection

The Mid Level Certificate in Executive Protection is designed to take the professional who already has some experience in the executive protection field to a level of competency expected by clients and employers. Building on the basics from the Entry Level Certificate and/or the student’s current level of experience this protection certificate will help you learn:

  • To conduct successful protection operations, including intelligence techniques, threat assessments, and crisis preparations germane to protection
  • About protection management concepts including assessing the threat; working the principle; comprehensive security planning; developing a relationship with the person being protected; skills and resources needed
  • The rules of social interaction, protocol and etiquette for diplomatic and military occasions, with special emphasis on working with international guests and doing business overseas
  • Methods and techniques for developing and updating crisis preparedness procedures to anticipate and prepare for the consequences of a wide range of natural and man-made crises
  • How to evaluate a specific subject who shows an "unusual direction of interest" towards a client, the determination of the subject's threat to a client, and finally, the management of the subject's interest towards a client

Senior Level Certificate in Executive Protection

The Senior Level Certificate in Counterterrorism is designed for the counter terrorism career professional who wants to learn to identify known terrorist organizations, their perceived structure, goals and degree of operational capacity. In addition, students enrolled in these online counterterrorism courses will learn:

  • The best techniques for developing information about specific areas or countries as well as get a better understanding of terrorism in today’s world
  • The complexities and tasks associated with managing the consequences of terrorist incidents and natural disasters to be better prepared for their protection assignments
  • To conduct research on intelligence related political issues and learn how to weigh a variety of factors influencing how a political situation is likely to develop
  • To ensure the safety of a client in more unstable and rapidly evolving situations
  • The National Incident Management System (NIMS), including the Unified Command System, and the Incident Command System (ICS) at the local, state, and federal levels