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Certificates in Counterterrorism

Entry Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

The Entry Level Certificate in Counter-terrorism is designed to give the homeland security professional or the student who is considering getting in the field an understanding of several key concepts. These include:

  • Strategies, tactics, and methods used by terrorists and techniques used by homeland security or strategic security specialists to combat terrorism
  • Counter terrorism training techniques employed in different phases of terrorist operations
  • Identification of terrorist organizational structures, target selection criteria, operational tradecraft, weaponry, etc
  • Assessing the nature of the threat terrorists pose to global security
  • Preliminary surveillance of targets, the transfer of weapons to the operational area, the insertion of the assault team, the extraction of the assault team

In addition, students taking these online counterterrorism courses will develop and apply writing skills essential to accurate and comprehensive generation of reports.

Mid Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

The Mid Level Certificate in Counter-terrorism is designed for the professional who already has some experience in the counter terrorism career field or the student who has taken the entry level certificate. Students taking this certificate will learn many practical counter terrorism training concepts including:

  • How to create a unified, integrated, and multi-disciplinary counterterrorism analysis
  • Understand the strategies and tactics terrorist groups employ
  • Controlling the terrorist supply of money and weapons, and developing and implementing an active international counterterrorism and antiterrorism training policy
  • Identify and evaluate the variety of structures of terrorist organizations, from strict hierarchy to diffuse networks, as well as the implications of structure and internal dynamics on terrorist actions and capabilities
  • Understand social extremists, including efforts to manipulate such marginalized groups by sponsors of terrorism, and their rationalizations for terrorist behaviors

Senior Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

The Senior Level Certificate in Counter-terrorism is designed for the counter terrorism career professional who wants to learn to identify known terrorist organizations, their perceived structure, goals and degree of operational capacity. In addition, students enrolled in these online counterterrorism courses will learn:

  • Key elements of Weapons of Mass Destruction technology and characteristics and motivations of terrorist groups that might acquire and use WMD
  • Various measures for coping with (preventing or responding to) WMD terrorist attacks
  • How to identify terrorists groups and create profiles of key members, including allies and rivals of the group, pinpoint any relationships with foreign extremist groups or governments, and create a general threat assessment of the target organization’s potential for violence
  • How to collect information about this topic, how to analyze it and how to prepare reports about this topic for government decision makers