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“Henley Putnam University is top notch. The level of education and training they provided was something that would be difficult to replicate. HPU has had a positive impact on my career by providing an advanced education directly related to my career field.”

-DJP, Senior Counterintelligence Advisor

Choose the Right Degree for You

Henley-Putnam University is focused in Strategic Security and offers accredited bachelor’s degree programs in three areas:

Bachelor’s of Science in Intelligence Management

The bachelor’s in intelligence degree program introduces the student to the concepts of intelligence gathering and analysis.  While earning a bachelor’s in intelligence, the student will understand how intelligence manifests across many cultures and industries while integrating concepts of terrorism and proactive protection and deterrence.

Bachelor's of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies

When a student earns a bachelor’s in counter terrorism, she is introduced to the concepts of terrorist techniques, counter terrorism studies and strategy, and counter terrorism training. The bachelor’s in counter terrorism program provides counter terrorism training, as well as training in threat management and counter terrorist techniques, focusing on analytical rigor, contingency planning, and proactive security measures.

Bachelor’s of Science in Strategic Security and Protection Management

The strategic security and protection management degree program introduces the student to the concepts of protection management including threat assessment, physical and cyber security and workplace violence.  The bachelor’s in protection degree students will also learn detailed aspects of intelligence, terrorism and protection, and security operations.