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Military intelligence training is designed to equip you with the technical knowledge and skills required to collect, analyze, and disseminating information about enemy forces. If you are interested in serving the needs of the nation’s top military commanders and supporting the warfighters on the frontlines of battle, then you might consider becoming a military intelligence officer. Typically, military intelligence officers are concerned with intelligence reporting on two broad fronts: Tactical intelligence and strategic intelligence.

Tactical intelligence is concerned with analysis and output that supports ongoing operations where armed forces are engaging, will engage, or may engage an adversary in combat operations. Tactical intelligence is subject to change in the short-term because of environmental factors, enemy actions and counteractions, and other factors that unfold in the due course of time. Final tactical intelligence products, therefore, are usually delivered every 12 or 24 hours as the situation demands.

Strategic intelligence, on the other hand, is designed to complement diplomatic efforts and is the sum of tactical intelligence products. Strategic intelligence includes information on factors that impact the overall strategy of military operations in a theater such as politics, ethnography and economics. At this level, strategic military intelligence becomes an active partner alongside national intelligence.

Regardless of whether you are stationed on the frontlines overseas or serving back at headquarters, receiving the proper military intelligence training is critical to mission success. Henley-Putnam University offers a unique, highly-targeted Bachelor and Master of Science Degree program in Intelligence Management. Our experienced faculty delivers specialty courses that cover a wide range of topics including weapons of mass destruction (WMD) terrorism, strategic intelligence, and advanced counterterrorism operations. Embark on your future today with Henley-Putnam University.



  • Henley-Putnam University is the only accredited university that specializes exclusively in intelligence, counterterrorism and protection and offers over 100 courses on topics such as covert actions, counterterrorism and intelligence team management. By completing a degree here you will further differentiate yourself as a specialist among your peers. Pursue a Bachelor's or Master's Degree within your chosen specialty, or a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Security.
  • Regardless of which degree you choose to pursue, all of our degrees can be completed online. We offer a level of personalized and confidential service that gives our students access to top faculty members and administrators.
  • Henley-Putnam faculty members are leaders within their specialties who have served in senior roles working for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, DIA, FBI, US Secret Service, and Special Forces. Our faculty members bring, on average, 21 years of practical wisdom and hands-on experience.
  • Each one of our students is paired with a faculty career mentor who will help them navigate the world of Intelligence and Strategic Security. In this industry, who you know is essential to your future success.
  • Students immediately become part of a valuable network of strategic security and intelligence professionals.

Henley-Putnam University can take you one step closer to achieving your career goals in military intelligence.

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