Henley-Putnam University’s Online BS/MS Degree Programs are a Great Supplement for Army Correspondence Courses

In the U.S. military, servicemembers are afforded the opportunity to take higher education courses for credit. For example, in the U.S. Army, correspondence courses provide personnel with a way to receive an education and work toward a degree. Formally, the Army Institute for Professional Development (AIPD) provides distance learning through the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP). This program is an extension of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), which oversees Army training and standards.

Army correspondence courses are designed to prepare soldiers for advancement within their military careers. According to TRADOC’s website, Army servicemembers can receive one promotion for every five hours of completed ACCP, and the total number of points that can be counted for military education is twenty. The benefits of receiving an education and working toward your military promotion are clear. For many of today’s Army servicemembers, where deployments and service rotations are at increased operational tempo, distance learning may be a viable alternative to traditional classroom training.

At Henley-Putnam University, all of our accredited courses are offered 100% online so you can start working toward your Bachelor, Master of Science, or Doctorate Degree Degree today, from anywhere in the world. We offer a highly competitive alternative to Army correspondence courses that provide you with a solid education in areas critical to national security: Intelligence, Counterterrorism, and Protection. Our exclusive focus in these three areas gives Army personnel the ability to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through a robust security-focused curriculum. Start down the path of higher education success today with Henley-Putnam University.



  • Henley-Putnam University is the only accredited (DETC) university that specializes exclusively in intelligence, counterterrorism and protection and offers over 100 courses on topics such as covert actions, counterterrorism and intelligence team management. By completing a degree here you will further differentiate yourself as a specialist among your peers. Pursue a Bachelor's or Master's Degree within your chosen specialty, or a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Security.
  • Regardless of which degree you choose to pursue, all of our degrees can be completed online. We offer a level of personalized and confidential service that gives our students access to top faculty members and administrators.
  • Henley-Putnam faculty members are leaders within their specialties who have served in senior roles working for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, DIA, FBI, US Secret Service, and Special Forces. Our faculty members bring, on average, 21 years of practical wisdom and hands-on experience.
  • Each one of our students is paired with a faculty career mentor who will help them navigate the world of Intelligence and Strategic Security. In this industry, who you know is essential to your future success.
  • Students immediately become part of a valuable network of strategic security and intelligence professionals.

An education from Henley-Putnam University is a top alternative to Army correspondence courses.

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