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Henley-Putnam University faculty members have served in senior positions in the CIA, USSS, FBI, DIA, DSS, NSA, and British Intelligence. Our expert faculty includes more than 80 seasoned professionals, each with an average of 17 years of operational experience. This experience makes our faculty members uniquely equipped to share practical field expertise with Henley-Putnam students working towards a counterterrorism degree , intelligence degree, or protection degree, among other programs.

Amanda Morrow-Jensen, Provost of Student Services at Henley-Putnam lends her deep experience in the public sector to ensure students with an interest in government work are well-equipped for the job. Prior to her work in education, Morrow-Jensen spent almost a decade developing foreign policy as a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Washington, DC. In addition, Karen Tandy, senior vice president of Public Affairs for Motorola and former head of the DEA, now serves as a valuable member of the Henley-Putnam Board of Directors.

A sampling of Henley-Putnam faculty member career paths in the Government sector includes:

  • WMD Terrorism Specialist
  • State Department Anti-Terrorism Surveillance Team
  • National Program Manager for FBI Counterterrorism Investigations
  • Security Specialist for the Defense Logistics Agency Pacific
  • Resident Special Agent of an anti-terrorism operations and intelligence cell
  • CIA case officer on counterterrorism missions

Our faculty members know what it takes for students to succeed in the strategic security field and work with students to make sure they develop the necessary analytical tools and background knowledge while working to earn a counterterrorism degree, intelligence degree, or degree in strategic security and protection management.

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