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Faculty Excellence Award

2015 Faculty Excellence Award

Nimon, Harry (PhD)

Dr. Harry Nimon

Henley-Putnam’s security, counterterrorism, and intelligence studies students nominating Professor Nimon for this award emphasize his consistent ability to motivate them to improve their writing skills and their understanding of course content. His students note that he is a guiding force on dissertation and thesis committees and that he always has their best interests in mind.

One of Professor Nimon’s students states that “I can honestly say that if it had not been for the guidance, support and mentorship of Dr. Nimon, I would not have thought I was able to write this thesis. He was always there to answer one more question, and to encourage me to completion. His standards and expectations are high, which I sincerely appreciated.” All of these qualities are hallmarks of an excellent faculty member.

The Assistant Provost of Academics, Dr. Janice Kempster, describes Professor Nimon as “an active and engaged faculty member who is focused on the student experience. Dr. Nimon works to ensure each student has a valuable and meaningful experience within his courses and on their thesis or dissertation committees. He supports the University by staying current in his field, by publishing, and by being an active member of Faculty Senate.”

Dr. Nimon is a career STRATINT officer with over 30 years of experience as an Analyst, Process Engineer, Consultant and Project Manager in both industry and government positions. He received his Doctorate in 2008 with the dissertation of Expectation Violation Theory for Virtual Teams and Its Effect on Decision-Making in a Combat Environment. He is currently instructing our students and writing internationally valued texts. He worked as a senior systems analyst and project manager for the Boeing Corporation supporting major projects for the US Army and Air Force. He has also been an independent consultant involved in DoD projects as a Project Manager for Bio/Chemical Defense and Detection Systems. In addition, he has specific work experience with Ford Motor Company (Management Consultant), General Dynamics Land Systems (Operations Research M1A1 Program Office), Compaq Computer Corporation (Director, Information Management Division), and Shell IT International (IT Project Manager).

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