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Programs for the Corporate Sector:

Please click on one of the following links to learn more about our programs, faculty, tuition, and benefits for corporate employees. Please see our partner page to see if your organization has an agreement with Henley-Putnam.

Corporate Programs Corporate Faculty Tuition Benefits

“Companies have a need for individuals with practical experience. I see huge opportunity in corporate security, and chose the Master’s program at Henley-Putnam because the faculty are seasoned practitioners, not only academics. I’m a doer and need the practical perspective on protection management.”

-Stephanie Kimbrell, Air Force reservist

Corporations in the private sector, both large and small, have a need for individuals who can translate strategic security policies and best practices from the global scale to a corporate level and practical applications. Companies around the globe must protect their increasingly vital resources, from human assets, to physical, financial, and virtual assets. Over the years, corporate security and corporate security training have expanded to include everything from physical, personnel, and information systems security to loss prevention, risk management, workplace violence, investigations, crisis and disaster management, as well as counterterrorism.

Often corporate security positions are filled by individuals with valuable law enforcement experience, military background or global security training. While these individuals have a solid understanding of the security environment, they must develop the skills to work within the private sector and understand and communicate their global security training and expertise effectively with stakeholders, from the CEOs to shareholders.

Henley-Putnam’s programs in Strategic Security prepare individuals to provide an added layer of security for corporations. According to ASIS CEO and Henley-Putnam SSPM Advisory Board member, Michael Stack, “Henley-Putnam University’s program leverages today’s industry leaders’ experience and expertise to prepare tomorrow’s top security professionals.” Our programs, including courses ranging from corporate security training to information security courses provide students with the skills necessary to translate their background in security to the boardroom. Henley-Putnam Strategic Security programs were developed by faculty members with private sector experience to enable students to be well-prepared for private sector security careers, whether the student has previous experience or is completely new to the field.

Note: Henley-Putnam University may award credit based on American Council on Education (ACE) or Program On Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI) credit recommendations for military training and other occupational experience as it applies to the degree program. Also included in credit evaluation are Advanced Placement Examinations, College Level Examination Program General Examinations (CLEP), and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests. In addition credit for experiential learning may be awarded for learning that is measurable and satisfies the objectives of the course in lieu of which the credit is awarded. Contact your Admissions team for more information.