Training in Intelligence and HUMINT Training Can be Attained Online

People earn a college degree for many reasons, chief among which is to increase one’s employment opportunities. Certainly, there are other reasons people go to college, such as for personal growth, professional growth, or intellectual interest. However, it may be safe to presume that the aim of most people who go to college is to secure a job after graduation.

The job market is a competitive place even in a good economy. In the strategic security field, jobs focusing on intelligence are plentiful. Those jobs have a range of duties and are located throughout the United States and the world. Those jobs also have a wide pay range and are more lucrative than many other careers.

A very general search of with the keyword intelligence yields numerous potential jobs. One job, intelligence specialist, located in Langley Virginia has a pay range of $50,287.00 to $93,175.00. Another job, supervisory intelligence analyst, is located in Tampa Florida and has a pay range of $96,690.00 to $125,695.00. Lastly, a job in Washington D.C., intelligence officer, has a pay range of $89,033.00 to $115,742.00.

These jobs are but a snapshot of the many jobs available to the person seeking employment in the intelligence community. Indeed, the job search yielded 266 possible jobs. The question then becomes how to attain one of those jobs. One major factor that may lead to an intelligence job is education and training.

Intelligence training is not something easy to come by. For quite some time, most intelligence training was attained on-the-job. Training in intelligence analysis, HUMINT training, and counterintelligence were not systematized into a curriculum. There were no accredited universities that offered intelligence training let alone a masters degree in intelligence. However, it is quite possible now to earn a masters degree in intelligence from an accredited university. A masters degree in intelligence can offer HUMINT training and a variety of other training.

One way to increase one’s chances of attaining employment in one of these intelligence careers is to have education consistent with the job position being sought. There are numerous jobs available in the intelligence field, but the intelligence field, as a rule, is very competitive. As such, a person seeking employment in an intelligence field will need education and training that makes the applicant more competitive.

This fact makes online education in the intelligence field so valuable. A person can embark on a program of study that prepares him or her for the intelligence field. This is something that had not been the case ten to fifteen years ago. Moreover, the program of study can be worked on at the convenience of the student because of the online modality.

The end result is attaining employment in the field one trained for. As indicated above, there are many jobs in the intelligence field. However, those jobs are competitive. To meet the demands of those jobs, and to even be considered as an applicant, the job seeker will be well served to complete a degree program in the field of intelligence.