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Individual Course Admissions

“The knowledge I have gained at Henley-Putnam has given me a definite edge among my peers. The lessons I learned have made me a better intelligence officer manager of intelligence soldiers.”

-CPT Joseph Turner, Intelligence Officer; US Army

Admissions: Individual Course Enrollments

The University offers opportunities to take language as well as introductory Strategic Security courses as individual courses without being a degree or certificate-seeking student.

Courses are lower division with all courses carrying 4.5 quarter units of credit. Courses taken by students who otherwise meet the degree admissions requirements may be able to be applied towards the degree program. Contact an Admissions Coordinator for more information.

Students may apply and be admitted and enrolled in the following courses for credit:

ARA 101 Beginning Arabic Part I

ARA 102 Beginning Arabic Part II

SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish, Part 1

SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish, Part 2

SEC 105: The Foundation, Functions, and Future of Strategic Security

SEC 205: Offensive v. Defensive Security

Admissions Policies

Qualified applicants will have completed high school or its equivalent and be at least 18 years old. The University requires documentation of highest degree prior to starting classes. The Admissions Coordinator will order the transcripts on your behalf.

Students should plan to complete the entire 10-week course. 

No prior college experience is required.

What paperwork is needed?

1.      Completed application and payment agreement

2.      Background check authorization form (active military or law enforcement may submit a letter of good standing from an immediate supervisor)

3.      Evidence of at least high school graduation or the equivalent

What happens after I apply?
The Admissions staff processes all applications and evaluates them, for completeness.  The Chair of the Enrollment Committee formally holds the authority to admit or deny any candidate’s application.  Admission to the University is based on evidence of a student's ability to benefit from its educational program which may include any or all of the following: student's academic record in other institutions, professional experience, motivation and educational objective. Applicants will be notified in writing or via email of the status of their application.

Please contact admissions for more information or to enroll in these classes.


IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  Check with your Admissions Coordinator if you plan to use military benefits as Individual course enrollments are not eligible.  These benefits are only applicable to courses required for a certificate or degree.  Courses are only covered if they are required as part of the degree/certificate.

Not all University services are available to students pursuing individual course enrollments.  See the University catalog for specific policies.

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