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Admissions Team

Congratulations as you take the next step in pursuing your academic goals. We are here to help you. The Henley-Putnam University Admissions team looks forward to having a conversation with you where we can discuss your professional and educational goals. We will help you determine the right program and the right time to begin. In addition our team of enrollment counselors can help you understand your benefits and our program deans and subject matter experts can make sure we are a great fit for you. We work with students to help them as they consider when and where to return to school. We know that striking a balance of work/life/family is key to your success and will help you in your process of returning to school.

We look forward to working with you!

Nancy A. Reggio. MBA
Director of Admissions

Please meet our staff:

Diane Nguyen
Assistant Director of Admission

As an undergraduate student, student service was important to me. As an adult student taking graduate courses I know that service is important to you as well – because it is to me! My six years as an admissions professional combined with 7 years of customer service experience provides me with the experience upon which you can rely. I am passionate about helping students meet their career and education goals, whether that includes further military intelligence training through an intelligence degree online, or a terrorism certificate. Working with students from the strategic security field gives me great satisfaction knowing that I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

Elsa Soto
Admissions Coordinator

After majoring in Liberal Arts from San Jose State University, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the education field. I tried elementary school teaching but quickly realized that it was not for me. I learned that instead I wanted to help mature students meet their career goals. I have been working with Henley-Putnam University for almost five years. One of my favorite things about working for admissions is getting to know the students and sharing with them all of the great things I know and love about Henley-Putnam University. The most rewarding part of my job is working with students and helping them discover if Henley-Putnam University is the right fit for them. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your education goals!

Lorene Alexander
Admissions Coordinator

I have spent many years in the strategic security industry and I bring that experience to my students in every conversation whether they are seeking a terrorism certificate or advanced military intelligence training. I understand your need to progress and know the challenges you face every day. I am also an adult student pursuing an advanced degree and can share with you my tips for successfully balancing work, life and school. My students know that I support them 100%. It gives me great satisfaction to see them succeed in the programs, including the intelligence degree online program, as well as the counterterrorism and security management programs.