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"The faculty and staff at Henley-Putnam have gone above and beyond my expectations of what a university should be and have been extremely flexible with my transition from government work to private sector intelligence."

-Nicholas Laurin, Supervisor, Global Security

Henley-Putnam is an online accredited university dedicated to your success. We want you to be a successful student, so in addition to looking at your educational goals we take time to discuss your career goals, work and professional background and prior college experience.

The Admissions Coordinators will discuss the program requirements of our online bachelor’s degree programs, online master’s degree programs, and online doctoral and certificate programs. In addition, they will discuss the academic preparation needed to be successful, and refer you to our enrollment experts who advise on tuition benefits.

For those of you seeking admissions into our online Bachelor’s degree programs, we will evaluate your prior college/military units earned and show you how you can complete your degree.

Admission to the University is based on evidence of a student's ability to benefit from its educational program and may include any or all of the following: student's academic record in other institutions, whether the institution is an online accredited university or a traditional school, professional experience, motivation and educational objectives.