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About Henley-Putnam

Why Henley Putnam?

“The ultimate purpose of our education and training is to enhance the knowledge of prevention and deterrence for professionals whose primary mission is the protection of human life and the freedom we now enjoy. It is continually evident to all that the need for such training is rapidly growing.”

-Nirmalya Bhowmick, Founder

We are unique

Our university’s mission is to serve professionals in the strategic security industry, especially within the law enforcement, military and the intelligence community, by increasing their opportunities for advancement in the fields of intelligence management, counterterrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management.

Our focus is our strength. All of our degree and certificate programs are focused in the field of Strategic Security, including certificates and online intelligence degrees, degrees in counterterrorism, as well as security management degrees and certificate programs. Our students receive cutting-edge and relevant instruction from experienced practitioners.

Our faculty members are from your world. They have strong academic backgrounds as well as experience in senior positions in the CIA, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, DIA, DSS, NSA, all branches of the U.S. military, as well as positions in corporate security and local and federal law enforcement.

We understand you

We know that you are looking for high quality, academically challenging programs that are relevant to your career choice. Our students who graduated between January 1st and November 30th, 2011 gave us a score of 100% in Overall Student Satisfaction (data from first 3 quarters 2011).

You also want the option of requesting evaluation and possible credit for your college- equivalent knowledge and learning gained through non-traditional college experience. Henley-Putnam University encourages the submission of Prior Learning Experience portfolios for the Bachelor and Master level students. In addition, students may challenge courses. And we award the maximum allowable transfer of credits under the ACE guidelines.

Our programs are 100% online. You study when and where it is convenient for you, whether you are working towards an online intelligence degree, a degree in counterterrorism, a security management degree, or focusing your efforts on a homeland security education online.

We provide the support you require

Our staff, faculty and administration are dedicated to your success and are here to help you along your educational and career path. We are committed to delivering user friendly, high quality, online programs with an emphasis on furthering knowledge in deterrence and prevention.

You will receive academic advising from the time you enroll until you finish your program. We can help choosing courses, accessing tutoring or making decisions on when to take courses. We know that your current career may make it difficult to predict your availability as operational tempos and work assignments vary greatly. We are here to help you optimize your educational experience.

We share our network with you

Henley-Putnam’s optional mentoring program offers individualized support for every student who comes through the program. Our mentors come from our faculty and from outside experts in our professional fields such as federal and local law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military establishment and the corporate security arena. Mentoring services allow bachelor’s and master’s students the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from veteran professionals in their fields. We realize that while students often have a basic idea of what they might want to do, many have questions or need assistance in creating a career plan and it never hurts to have a team of Henley-Putnam professionals to assist you in your chosen career.