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About Henley-Putnam

Student Achievement

Our focus at Henley-Putnam University is our strength. Our students receive cutting-edge and relevant instruction from experienced practitioners supported by a staff who are all committed to academic quality and student satisfaction.

In an effort to ensure that we are delivering on our promise of a quality education, we regularly survey and track the feedback from our students. Here you can find some of the data that we have collected over the past year.

At the end of each course, a survey is sent to each student. Our students  answered "yes" to the following questions below from January 1 - December, 2014.

Did you achieve the goals you had when starting this course? 94%

Would you recommend your program of study to a friend? 97% 

All things considered, were you satisfied with your academic studies with us? 98%

An end-of-program survey is sent to all of our students upon graduation. The percentage of seniors responded "yes" to the following questions from January 1 - December 31, 2014.

93% would recommend Henley-Putnam University to a friend.

95% would recommend their program to a friend

96% all things considered, were satisfied with their studies with us.

Placement Rates and Starting Salaries:

The programs offered at Henley-Putnam University are designed for those already working in the military, federal, state and local governments, corporate security and other areas of strategic security.   Therefore, the Henley-Putnam does not advertise salary or placement information for our programs nor are these data tracked.

What are Henley-Putnam University Students saying?

Quotes from our 2014 Senior Survey:

 "Henley-Putnam University felt more professional than other schools. My goals felt more attainable here at H-PU. There is a drive to connect people with the career they want and I like that."

"The flexibility of such a quality program. From what I have seen, flexibility means compromising
quality, but not here at H-PU."

"The relevance to the real-world field of intelligence was outstanding and helped me develop professionally."

"No other online university that I know offers the type degree HPU has given me."

"There are not many intelligence-specific degree programs and as a current intel professional, I found much value in the program."

"It has provided me a degree in a subject that supports my interests and career goals
The instructors were all experts in their fields, and I truly believe this was the best online university degree."

"I am amazed and very satisfied with HPU.  I studied BA and another MA degree in two different universities and HPU is far the best in everything...organisation, preparation etc.
Really the entire staff who I dealt with were very professional and just outstanding at getting answers to me in a timely manner.  I really like them all."

Retention and Graduation Rates

By tracking our Retention and Graduation Rates, we at Henley-Putnam University can better understand how our students are able to complete their education. This information allows us to track future enrollment trends, but also to ensure that our students succeed.

Retention Rates show the number of students that continue their education at Henley-Putnam University from one year to the next. See Retention Rates PDF.

Graduation Rates show the percentage of our students that graduate after a specific number of years since they were admitted to Henley-Putnam. See Graduation Rates PDF.