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About Henley-Putnam


Our Mission

Our University’s mission is to serve professionals in the strategic security industry, especially within the law enforcement, military and the intelligence community, by increasing their opportunities for advancement in the fields of intelligence management, counterterrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management.   Our focus is on delivering user friendly, high quality, online programs with an emphasis on furthering knowledge in deterrence and prevention.


Henley-Putnam University will be widely recognized for academic excellence, evidenced by student and faculty achievement, leadership development, commitment to national security, and global understanding.


Henley-Putnam University aspires to be the leader in providing instruction in the fields of intelligence management, counterterrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management. Our focus is on teaching “proactive” versus “reactive” methods. That is to say, we attempt to further the knowledge of prevention and deterrence over the instruction of reaction and response concepts as taught at many other institutions.

We offer three distinct programs within the Bachelors and Masters Degrees and one Doctoral degree in order to meet the future challenges of this strategic security industry. Our Bachelors programs introduce the student to the concepts and increases the student’s knowledge in intelligence, counterterrorism and protection. Our programs emphasize professionalism, proactive strategies, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the program area and a high-level development of skills in intelligence, counterterrorism and protection.

Core Values

The core values that will sustain Henley-Putnam today and in the future are a critical component of our culture and success.

  • Henley-Putnam University values integrity and ethical behavior in all matters.
  • Henley-Putnam University values improvement, continuously assessing undergraduate and graduate programs to meet global needs and professional expectations.
  • Henley-Putnam University values high quality online education and instruction in the learning and teaching process.
  • Henley-Putnam University encourages growth and development of all learners and those who facilitate these processes.
  • Henley-Putnam University values diversity, is dedicated to equality, and is committed to serving a diverse population including residents of the USA and the world.
  • Henley-Putnam University values helping individuals reach their full academic potential.
  • Henley-Putnam University values a collegial and interactive process in planning and decision making, promotion civility, understanding, and mutual concern.
  • Henley-Putnam University values both tradition and innovation.
  • Henley-Putnam University provides a professional and supportive work environment where our employees enjoy freedom of conscience and the right to refuse to engage in actions that violate ethical principles, professional standards, or provisions of law.
  • Henley-Putnam University values administrative and technological quality performed efficiently and effectively.
  • Henley-Putnam University values cost effective growth and return on investment

Institutional Learning Outcomes

The Programs offered at Henley-Putnam University are specifically focused in the area of strategic security.  The successful graduate of Henley-Putnam University will demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Evidence of the ability to employ technological and research proficiency, integrating applicable skills of information literacy.
  • Employment of conceptual skills to identify potential risks and assess options for preventive, alternative or deterrent actions.
  • Demonstrated competency in strategic engagement of issues within the security industry.
  • Evidence of Strategic Management leadership competencies effective in promoting professional security, counter-terrorism, intelligence, national protection and global understanding.
  • Acquisition of skill sets that support effective communication, critical thinking, and analysis within the strategic security environment.