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About Henley-Putnam

Career Opportunities

Henley-Putnam is looking for the right people to help ensure our continued success in setting the standard for high quality in online education. We value creative and intelligent professionals willing to accept, encourage and initiate change and are accustomed to attaining results. We are committed to maintaining and developing a team of professionals that is as diverse as the learners we serve.

As an online university we offer both on-site and off-site opportunities.  We serve a diverse student demographic and we create a learning community made up of individuals representing a rich mixture of identities, experiences and beliefs, including different genders, ages, racial-ethnic backgrounds, languages, economic strata, religious beliefs and practices, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, national and geographical origins and locations, political beliefs and values. We believe that this diverse learning community is vital to achieving our mission of supporting learner success.

Henley-Putnam is committed to a set of guiding values that are employee- and learner-centric. Rooted in our value of human potential, we are dedicated to an inclusive culture that supports our employees and our learners in achieving their fullest potential. We believe that diversity strengthens our organization by drawing on the varied perspectives and life experiences of an array of talented people. Additionally, we strive to be a culturally competent organization (as reflected in our mission, practices and policies) in order to effectively serve our global society.