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About Henley-Putnam

“The ultimate purpose of our education and training is to enhance the knowledge of prevention and deterrence for professionals whose primary mission is the protection of human life and the freedom we now enjoy. It is continually evident to all that the need for such training is rapidly growing.”

-Nirmalya Bhowmick, Founder

Protect the Future while you Create your Future

Henley-Putnam University was conceived after more than twelve years of planning and research to contribute to the professional development of protection, intelligence and counterterrorism tradecraft. The founders designed the University to meet the strategic security industry’s establishment of higher educational standards – and in keeping with this design, brought on board only faculty with real world experience in their respective fields.  Today, Henley-Putnam University is a premier university for higher education in the advancing fields of security, protection, intelligence and counterterrorism.

We know that you have lots of options to study online. If you are looking for an edge, today and in the future, listen to our students and alumni and consider joining and learning with an elite team. A team dedicated to your success, Henley-Putnam.